Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

For the love of God can we please get more movies that look like early 2000s music videos. I'm not even being nostalgic, we've been going backwards since then. More uncanny CGI please, and no scrubs.

This is exactly as amazing and terrible as everyone says, though. A high-octane Pynchonesque nightmare filtered through Gregg Araki, Hideo Kojima and Sam Hyde. Just completely gorked and beautiful. One of very few movies I've had to pause multiple times just from being overwhelmed by what I was watching.

It's always inspiring to see something that looks a lot like what you and your friends might make for $17,000,000 yet still have almost no idea what exactly was going through they man's head when he wrote it. Probably ahead of its time even now, despite a lot of popular post-ironic meme videos having similar aesthetics and humor.

Pimps don't commit suicide.

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