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  • Schindler's List

    Schindler's List


    Watching Schindler's List, a film about the evils of paper, one is constantly impressed with visions of what could have been, should the film have been handed to a better, more spiritual director. The production is basically flawless, as is the acting and music, but there is far too much Hollywood here, and not nearly enough overwhelming melancholy. Movie blood cannot compellingly stand in for real blood, and Spielberg sacrificed subtlety and artistry, which he never quite had a handle…

  • Contempt



    The trouble with Contempt is that it professes a mythic scope, but its characters are all very much life-sized; that is, with the exception of Jack Palance's wonderfully rendered and zealous but artistically capricious Hollywood producer, emissary of America's id, they are all total bores. Like Fellini's vastly superior 8 1/2, produced the same year, Contempt is about what happens when an aging male artist loses favor with his muses. Where Fellini's film was ever willing to follow this struggle…

  • Killer's Kiss

    Killer's Kiss

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    The climax, in which the hero and villain fight in a mannequin factory, sparing few of the inanimate feminine forms by their weapons, serves as a kinda humorous analogy for machismo evolutionary bloodsport; a fixation Kubrick thankfully never grew out of. Indeed, the film's title alone betrays his preoccupation with the aesthetic big fish, sex and death, or at least the oft censored sex and violence. This fixation characterizes every single film he directed; even the one prior to this,…