La Notte

La Notte ★★★★½

A masterful film.

A beautiful portrait of loneliness, distance between people, boredom, love, searching for yourself etc. etc.. You can go on for a while with all the feelings and emotions La Notte is bringing across. And Antonioni really succeeds at that on every level possible. But besides the perfect direction it's also the three leads that are the heart of the movie. What great acting is shown in this. Mastrioianni is a joy to watch. But also Moreau and Vitti show some fireworks in their job. Very powerfull moments that show some of La Nottes core are the scenes where Moreau is on a stoll through the streets, the café scene, the moments between Mastrioianni, Moreau and Vitti and the fantastic scenes in the end. Especially the last mentioned reflects the true essence of La Notte. Beautiful to let that play at the end.

The great story with all the feelings and emotions are truly enhanced by the beautiful imagery and the perfect cinematography. The opening scene alone is eyecandy and is just a taste for what the filmmakers have in store for us the rest of the movie. The whole movie is a constant flow of beautiful images in which the black and white is used perfectly. Besides the beautiful images the jazzy soundtrack is also great and fits perfectly with the scenes and images.

LA Notte is a masterpiece in which everything comes together in a fantastic way and really works great. This is truly a joy to watch.

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