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  • Toby Dammit

    Toby Dammit


    I love how much fog machine is in this. Like I like to imagine Fellini on set brooding between takes, waiting for his muse to come, then suddenly blurting out "More fog machine'! to the crew Will Ferrel-Bruce Dickinson style.

    Seriously though this is Fellini's best movie aside from La Strada. Yeah, I said it. Couldn't have loved it more. Story is very minimal, instead we get an idiosyncratic and wonderfully hallucinatory character study of an alcoholic actor (I'll admit…

  • The American Friend

    The American Friend


    Really took some time getting on the wavelength of this one but once I was there there was ample pleasure to be had. Like a lot of Wim Wenders movies the mood is aching and gloomy and the subject matter is friendship, specifically friendship between lonely men. A little jarring at first cause on its exterior this looks and feels like a Hitchcockian thriller but hey, it works somehow, such is the magic of auteur filmmaking. Fantastic cinematography and composition…

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  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    Ugh. Am I the only one that hated this? Yeah, Francis McDormand gives a good performance and all that but I'm hard pressed to think of anything else to recommend this besides that. Ultimately very hollow and tonally messy, the biggest problem is how it treats its characters like cartoons while constantly punching down/shitting on them. Like the similarly themed mis-fire Logan Lucky, there were some pretty obvious stabs at capturing the national post-election mood, but most everything pretty much…

  • Martin



    The modern day vampire deconstruction film (Let The Right One In, Only Lovers Left Alive etc) is pretty well known these days, though few are aware the trend actually started back in the 70s with a super underappreciated George A. Romero gem called Martin, about a young, awkward vampire who mostly feeds on horny, bored housewives and the occasional hobo. A mashup of a few different genres but never not its own thing, it can be a hard movie to…