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  • 24 Hours in a Woman's Life

    24 Hours in a Woman's Life


    Not sure this movie needs sound at all, let alone Brahms. But the hats!

  • Isadora



    The last act of this movie, all the Soviet Union stuff through the disastrous performance in Boston and the jarring Riviera conclusion, are pretty excellent. It just takes SO LONG to get there, and the occasionally fabulous sets aren't enough.

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  • Freud: The Secret Passion

    Freud: The Secret Passion


    A surprisingly thunderous movie. Charles Kaufman's screenplay isn't a biopic at all, more a condensation of the thinker's ideas into a chamber drama of heavy-handed significance. All of his theories are crammed into one patient, Cecily Koertner. Susannah York's performance is a lot more restrained than, say, Keira Knightley's in A Dangerous Method or Tippi Hedren's in Marnie. Montgomery Clift is equally modest, though that doesn't necessarily mean he's bad. It's more than the film's performances are subservient to its…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Like Clue before it, a movie that manages to land three equally satisfying endings.