Bad Lucky Goat

Bad Lucky Goat ★★★★½

I adore this movie. The fact that BLG is the first film produced in San Andres-Providencia creole, a language only spoken on a few small islands off the coast of Columbia is an interesting enough hook on its own. But this is actually a really fun kids adventure story in the vein of The Goonies or Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Corn and his sister Rita are two teenaged siblings growing up in a tourist town on a small Caribbean island and like most teenaged siblings they cannot stand one another. Their surreal journey kicks off when they accidentally run over an escaped goat and takes them all over their gorgeous island from the highest peak to the ocean, from a crimson haired (and bearded) pawn broker to a cock fighting ring and to multiple bands engaged in Calypso? jam sessions. This is a gorgeous movie to look at and to listen to. Corn and Rita butt heads (just realized - like goats!) over every small detail they can in the beginning but eventually come to learn that the best way for them both to succeed is to work together. I don't know for certain but I suspect a lot of this movie was shot improvisationally around people going about their lives on the island. Most of the actors including the leads are amateurs but aside from one case who is barely in the movie it doesn't show.