Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Mulholland Drive is a stunning piece of cinema from master of weird David Lynch.

Plot-wise Mulholland Drive is one of Lynch’s most demanding and twisted works focusing on several different themes such as sexuality, the realities of the American Dream and the hidden darkness of Hollywood. What is amazing then is the skill Lynch demonstrates in handling such complex and multi-stranded material to create a film which functions both as a creepy, noirish psycho-thriller and as a satirical swipe at many facets of American culture. 

As Director Lynch displays the visual flair that complements much of his best work, here creating a unique look and colour scheme for the film marking it out even more as a one of a kind experience which it truly is. Many of the directors visual trademarks are here such as the use of dwarves and symbolism (plus a really bizarre soundtrack) but I don’t think he’s ever used them to such mesmerising effect on screen.

It would also be wrong to focus on Mulholland Drive and not give credit to Naomi Watts for her captivating and full blooddd performance here which increases the erotic emotional intensity of the picture. Although the entire cast are excellent it is Watts who dominates and lingers most on the mind with her beauty and energy filling every frame.

To conclude, Mulholland Drive is one of the greatest features of the 2000’s and one of Lynch’s most extraordinary achievements both as a writer and as a director. It’s such a shame he didn’t win an Oscar for this.

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