Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★½

Normally my tastes on films are quite aligned with those of most film fans around me but in the case of this film that wasn’t true.

Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse which comes from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller the duo behind such animated hits as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Lego Movie and the live action Jump Street films is for me not as polished as the pair’s previous efforts. With all the jumping around between Universes I found myself losing interest significantly towards the end with events becoming silly rather than engaging and if I’m honest I think this is a film that thinks its cleverer than it really is. A lot of people will disagree with this I’m sure but for me a lot of the in-jokes and references came across as smug rather than charming and it would have been preferable for me if the filmmakers had taken this a little more seriously as I found myself getting a little lost and disinterested.

Visually as well Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse it must be said gives me a bit of a headache. I think the trippy visual style is a bit needless and extremely distracting. I do acknowledge that this style is unique but it does not make for satisfying viewing with the aesthetic really not contributing to the action in a positive way. It’s visual style many say will prove to be extremely influential but I for one hope this is not the case as it irritated me greatly.

However, Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse does have its good points. There are some very funny moments throughout the proceedings. Some of the different Spider man characters are thoroughly entertaining and ingenious. Nicolas Cage’s noir Spider Man is in particular utterly hilarious and Spider Gwen and Peni Parker are also brilliant if a little underused. The voice cast also do a terrific job here in making the action engaging with some of the casting choices utterly ingenious. Indeed, as Kingpin Liev Schreiber is inspired. The editing is also very good at times and just about keeps things on track.

To conclude, I did not get the hype about this Spider Man spin off and do not believe it to be anywhere near the greatest superhero offering of all time. With its ugly aesthetic and silly plot I overall found Into the Spider Verse to be a jarring, weird affair. However there are some very witty sequences it must be said and the sterling efforts of a great voice cast do something to keep this picture afloat. The overall feeling I got though was one of disappointment.