[Disclaimer; this is gonna be rant on how i hate this film. Idc if it sounds stupid, this is the only rep Arabs get]

 I am not watching this. I hope it flops.. This could’ve been such a great movie it’s insane. I don’t understand why they didn’t hire a full Arab cast. It’s not that hard. It’s fine when they need to find people to play terrorists, Arabs are the first option. Also, Naomi Scott as Jasmine..... She’s Indian. Luv that makes no cents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t have the range. Jasmine is the only Arab princess and means soo much to young girls and boys. It’s actually sad. 

Representation matters ALWAYS.

Now onto the Prince Ali scene.... Girl that’s the most extravagant, over the top and wildest scene in the whole disney cinematic franchise. I. Don’t. Get. It. It looks SO fake and boring. 

Why is Becky G singing in Spanish on the soundtrack????!!!!!! make it make sense. I am soooo mad about this because this could’ve been such a beautiful and amazing film. This is a huge missed opportunity.