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This review may contain spoilers.

Third times the charm! This movie does not get old, or boring, if anything I enjoyed it more watching it this time around. 

It’s a ridiculously overwhelming experience (in the best possible way). The score is full throttle in-your-face for most of the action sequences and the build-up to them, and the only time tension dissipates is during conversation between characters. I picked up a lot more of the nuance in the dialogue this time around, as I wasn’t focused on the plot. I cannot think of another film that features so many unique locations - Tenet filmed in Mumbai, Estonia, U.K., Italy, Denmark among others. The score is filled with details, one I picked up on is the heavy breathing during the red room blue room scene. It gives the scene a claustrophobic feel. Travis Scott, who created the end credits song "THE PLAN" has his voice scattered throughout the score, Ludwig Goransson did that to create continuity.

Biggest lesson this time around - “what’s happened has happened.” As much as that’s a lack-luster explanation that Neil uses with the protagonist, it actually kind of sums up the whole inversion aspect of the film (which is dauntingly confusing at first watch). The film dabbles with several theories (grandfather paradox being one) but doesn’t so much attempt to provide answers to them. The events of the film operate in a closed time loop. What’s happened has happened, and the characters are operating in this environment. They can affect certain outcomes, but only to an extent.

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