Burning ★★★★½


The more I let this movie sit with me, the more it grows on me. It gives you a lot to think about so it takes a while to process fully and as I’m writing this I’m still trying to process and understand it.

This movie is the absolute definition of a slow-burn movie. It slowly trudges along, without seeming to drag. The characters and performances keep you locked in. Once you watch the first 20 minutes or so, you’re hooked and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. The two lead males have what I would describe as a perfect anti-chemistry; they never seem to gel or mix in any scene they are in together. This creates a strong feeling of anxiety and tension while your watching, which pulls you further and further into the movie.

Overall it is a beautifully put together psychological drama with gorgeous cinematography and amazing performances, that acts as an outstanding character study with a lot of room for interpretation. I’m sure as I continue thinking about it, my score for this movie will continue to increase.