Scream ★★★★½

Hooptober 2020 - 29/31

“There's a formula to it! A very simple formula! Everybody's a suspect!“

Sometimes satire and meta-commentary are best at their most blunt, and Wes brings that bluntness with the sharpest of deliveries. 

I expected to like this but I did not expect to fall in love with it as much as I have. From perfect beginnings and expertly brought endings, to twists and betrayals and secrets that all intertwine to create the mystery of the middle, Scream is the complete package, being both terrifying at its most minimalist, and hilarious at its most extravagant.

Add to this a cast of instantly iconic characters, lines that will be forever quotable, and just a celebration of horror cinema at its best and worst and it’s hard to not find something to love about this film.

Dunno how it took me 21 years to watch.

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