The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

This was just a super refreshing animated film. The animation style reeled me in from the get-go, and never stopped finding ways to surprise me and intrigue me with its vibrant colors and innovative animated action sequences. Think The Incredibles through the lens of Edgar Wright a la Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Really fun.

The comedy itself is hit or miss, but for every joke that misses comes an incredible one to rebound it. The humor is also elevated by an extremely talented voice-acting ensemble, chemistry oozing between each and every leading player. Abbi Jacobson is the true standout of the titular Mitchell family’s cast, allowing us to empathize with protagonist Katie from the start, seeing the world from her point of view, and loving her character instantly. Other standouts to me were Olivia Colman’s hilarious take on an evil Siri-like virtual assistant (seriously, will Colman ever not be excellent?) and two robots voiced by Beck Bennett and Fred Armisen that had me laughing quite a bit. 

While much of the film is enjoyable from an action, humor, and visual perspective, the biggest reason why The Mitchells vs. the Machines is so great is because of its sentiment. It’s evident that director Mike Rianda poured his heart and soul into this film, and the rich themes centered around family really shine through because of it. The film makes a great statement about artistic expression, something that is even more vital for children to see and hear in the climate of 2021. As a guy who always dreamed of going to school for the arts (and was later blessed to see that dream come true), I was incredibly drawn to the film’s message and Katie’s arc as a whole. The commentary about technology is also well conveyed, showing how technology can both a blessing and a curse, and how humans should strive to find the right balance in their relationship to technology. Some really smart thematic elements from a film that’s full of as much silliness as this is (giant Ferbie? amazing).

A joy from start to finish. And yes, Monchi is a top-tier cinema dog.

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