The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time

The devil all the time is blessed with an amazing cast; some deliver solid performances like Robert Pattinson and Bill Skarsgard, some feel completely wasted like Mia Wasikowska, and then there’s Tom Holland with his forced accent. Their presence is known within this well shot film, as they are the only thing that has a hold on us throughout it. 

The films narrative structure; jumping around in time and from one location to the next in an episodic manner, trying to juggle its overstuffing of characters, is sloppily handled in its narrative focus. And because of this, The story development is too rushed, and there’s no breathing room for these characters to allow us to get a fully fleshed out sense of who they are, what they’re feeling, and why they’re doing what they’re doing—Except when it came to the awful ‘blow your brains out’ narration spoon feeding everything that we can clearly see on screen—And This made it incredibly hard to engage into what is happening. And because of the lack of engagement, it came off boring sometimes, despite it feeling too rushed through. A weird contradiction, I know. 

Everything about the narrative is underdeveloped, including the themes here, they lack depth to make this movie have any sort of point to it. The underdeveloped nature of the film made a lot of moments feel unearned, or not earned enough.. Either because we are left without information, or because nothing is fleshed out, but rather skipped through in a calculated fashion. So most of the climatic moments, and interactions just deflate around this. And my lack of care into what was happening made me feel pretty dull towards the violence, within a film that wants to be as violent and as bleak as it can be. The injection of comedy to lighten up the mood is funny enough to warrant a chuckle, but it also feels abrupt and tonally out of place, the director never has a control on the tonal shifting here.

While I can praise the performances (some), the cinematography, and a handful of thoroughly interesting/engaging scenes.. It’s simply not enough.

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