It ★★★★★

"you'll float too."

this was FANTASTIC. just fantastic. this is the most creative horror film i've ever seen. so many times my mouth was wide open because this truly surprised me. the opening scene is. so. MASTERFUL. the losers club??? friendship who??? 

this also wasn't 'scary', but it was terrifyingly intense, and most of the scares come from the wildly creative things you are seeing on screen.

the most surprising this about this film was the dialogue. it was so amazing and realistic. this film is really funny when is supposed to be, and when it's not. there where so many times where i laughed and i was like "is this meant to be scary", i don't know if that was the point, but i loved it anyway.

but bill skarsgård THOUGH. he did have less dialogue then i thought he was going to have, but when he had dialogue is was jaw droppingly good (i haven't seen the original 'It' so i can't compare bill's performance to tim's). he brought everything to this role. 

talking about performances: finn wolfhard. everything piece of dialogue that was given to that boy was golden, and he delivered them so well. everyone single one of these child actors are good also, but FINN. 

the only flaw i have with this film is i felt like the first 20-30 mins went from scare to scare without really any rhyme or reason. BUT it does make sense as the film continues so it's not like a flaw i can complain about, although i wished there was more of an interlude into the scares in the beginning. anyway that's just me being picky. 

overall, this film is 100% worth watching. it's terrifying, creative, sad, and beautiful all at once. for a mainstream film i was blown away by its guts to do something that would rarely ever be seen in a mainstream horror film, or a film that so many people are going see. this is a future classic, and paves way for more mainstream horror films to try something different. i have nothing but love for this film.

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