Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

14th of March- True stories is watched for the first time introducing me to Talking Heads, I listen to the greatest hits and abit of the true stories album, time goes by and I kinda forget about them, I always knew the big ones like once in a lifetime and road to nowhere but didn’t even know the others or care that much

22nd of March- I watch Stop Making Sense for the first time, I’m instantly blown away, I don’t shut up about how great it is and don’t stop listening to it on Spotify, I instantly go out and buy it on CD along with a greatest hits album. To me this is one of the most perfect 80 mins of media to ever exist, it does not get better than this, the bands creativity proves just how ahead they were and the influence they had on new wave and music as a whole. Jump to now, I am a huge Talking Heads fan, own many albums on vinyl, listened to all there albums and seen this film 13 times, God damn I love this movie.

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