Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Just finished the annual Stop Making sense screening at Melbournes finest Astor theatre and Jesus Christ, this was the best experience of my life. Viewing this with fellow talking heads fans and everyone singing and dancing was the best. Plz scatter my ashes in the annual screening of this.

-When Byrne says “I’ve got a tape I wanna play” leading into psycho killer immediately the audience is pumped  
-When Tina comes on and joins David in heaven with the bass is an incredible time…
-when Chris Frantz joins the band and hops on drums getting ready for thank you for sending me an angel I know something big is coming 
- when Jerry Harrison comes out with his guitar and they play the opening of found a job i just feel the concert taking over 

I could literally do this for every song but I’m tired and I have no voice right now but anyways I will see this at the Astor every year I do not give a fuck

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