Static ★★★★★

Mark Romanek disowned this. Critics were confused. I just watched it and am declaring it a near, unfortunately forgotten and neglected, masterpiece.  Certainly one of the best films of 1985, maybe only Lost in America is on par. Maybe it’s not. Both films are about meandering and drifting, attempting to find the true meaning in something that may or may not be real. Keith Gordan invents a device that allows true believers to see a perception of heaven. Most don’t. He hijacks a tour bus full of the elderly in the New Mexico desert. It ends anti-climactictically, yet brutal and devastating. A beautiful amalgam of True Stories, Mosquito Coast, Synecdoche New York, and the Adrienne Shelly Hal Hartley films.  I was moved. Most probably won’t be. A phenomenal picture, criminally forgotten. Incredibly beautiful and lonely. So it goes. Why is this so hard to find?

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