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  • El Signo de la Muerte

    El Signo de la Muerte


    Signing death. 6/10.

    After having finished my notes for Luc Besson’s Leon (1994-also reviewed) I decided to look at the Mexican Horror titles I’ve got waiting to be played. Having seen a number of his excellent 50’s and 60’s movies,I was thrilled to find a Horror by Chano Urueta from the 30’s! This led to me signing death in.

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    As those film makers in the US were having to fight with the Hays Code, across the…

  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    The professional cleaner. 9/10.

    Deciding to do a “Auteurs in ‘94” themed viewing week,I started looking for titles from well known film makers from the year. Despite having seen a number of his works,I’ve somehow always missed catching Luc Besson’s most famous creation, which led to me at last meeting Leon.

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    Crossing the pond for the first time (to film exterior scenes)and the first of his titles to be in English, writer/directing auteur Luc Besson & his…

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  • The Moon Is Blue

    The Moon Is Blue


    The Blue Moon. 7/10.

    Searching around on Amazon Uk for titles that have come out on the Warner Archives DVD label,I was happy to stumble upon a Comedy directed by Otto Preminger,who I had heard about for the first time,thanks to the excellent Film Noir Bunny Lake Is Missing.

    Talking to my dad and a friend,I was surprised to hear both of them give me the same response when I mentioned the title to them,with each of them saying the…

  • La marca del muerto

    La marca del muerto


    The Mark of the Malthus. 6/10.

    Getting to the last few Mexican Horror titles fellow IMDber melvelvit-1 had kindly sent me,I noticed that this one had the least positive reviews. Having pushed it right to the back due to this,it finally got to time where I examined the mark of death.

    View on the film:

    Stalking the next targeted victim in a tracking shot down a foggy side-street Jack the Ripper-style backed by a immerse score from Gustavo Cesar Carrion,…