Parasite ★★★★★

This is how you make a great film that is also political. The CHARACTERS lead with their own genuine  convictions, consciences, desires, beliefs, personalities, prejudices, that all conflict and bump against each other. The characters aren’t shell corporations for a filmmaker to pedal their politics, they are people with lives that have informed their outlook as well as their actions. What this amounts to is a film that isn’t contrived yet still makes a powerful statement naturally. It’s also very original, I can say that atleast I have never seen anything like it. It combines elements of drama, comedy, horror, and thriller so seamlessly and to so much success. It made me laugh, made me sad, kept me riveted, had me shook, gave me chills, and made me think.
Best picture of 2019 for sure. I feel so lucky that I got to see it in theaters!

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