The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

With no referee and uncertain rules, it's a struggle of power, deceit, and manipulation. The viewer is quickly taken into a world where traditional boundaries such as private sentiment, public presentation, honesty, deception, and feelings are irrelevant. Everyone bets on the ephemeral currency of position and power, hoping to build a name for themselves but simultaneously setting themselves up for failure. These individuals are who they are as a result of the unfair surroundings in which they grew up, because the same environments will consume them if they exhibit any hint of weakness, leading to ill manners and exploitation. The audience is a collection of rabbits scurrying toward useless objectives in the ever-expanding universe, funny and frustrated at the same time, embodying a view of a world coming apart, while looking at the inner fight within one's self as an outer, physical conflict. Slowly but steadily, favoritism begins to feel as personal as a whisper and as crucial as a secret.

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