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I'm a real-life cyber cowboy who writes about lots of things when I'm not ranching or fixing computers.

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  • Salvatore



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Salvatore is a clean revenge short that leaves the viewer satisfied.

    There's not a lot to unwind in most revenge shorts, and this one's no different. This short doesn't force the viewer to imagine the motivations behind the revenge, which can't be said for all revenge shorts. This helps build to the satisfactory conclusion we already dream of going into such a film.

    It starts off a touch on the less sympathetic side. Our revenger appears to be breaking a…

  • Macabre



    Macabre is a constantly flowing, dialog-free short with a very interesting art style and an underrated plot.

    Without diving too much into the plot to avoid spoilers, this dark and heavy, animated short is all about endurance, transformation, and maybe even escape. Even just for the visuals alone, it's worth the twenty minutes it takes from your day.

    The lack of dialog really puts the focus on the actions of the film, and every minor detail stands out because there…

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  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    Black Sunday is a black and white gothic horror film focused on the revenge plot of an executed plot and the people trying to stop her.

    The plot itself is fine. It's nothing extra special, but it facilitates the movie well enough. The characters and many of the other general building blocks of the film are also fine. So why is this movie worth watching?

    Well, the director, Mario Bava, does a stellar job of setting the scene. The soundtrack…

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    The Addiction is one of the more thoughtful films about vampirism available today.

    While the film is incredibly thoughtful, with loads of subtext at every corner, it borders, and sometimes crosses into, pretention. There are times where the narration is attempting to add subtext, but it's so heavy-handed that the film loses sight of the fact it's a horror film. I'd argue it's thought piece first and horror film second, honestly. Maybe that makes it even more frightening.

    Christopher Walken…