Salvatore ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Salvatore is a clean revenge short that leaves the viewer satisfied.

There's not a lot to unwind in most revenge shorts, and this one's no different. This short doesn't force the viewer to imagine the motivations behind the revenge, which can't be said for all revenge shorts. This helps build to the satisfactory conclusion we already dream of going into such a film.

It starts off a touch on the less sympathetic side. Our revenger appears to be breaking a few rules where he's living, and while the man checking on him is a bit of a jerk, he hadn't done anything terribly wrong.

Next, we see the nurse is willfully neglectful, and if the viewer has done any reading into the neglect that takes place in many nursing homes and elderly living facilities, the blood starts to boil.

When the revenge comes, it isn't entirely creative. It's not super unique. It is quite cathartic, though. That's why people watch these shorts. They're a chance for the viewer to feel a touch of control in the awful situations our world has to offer to those unable to care for themselves. Whether the revenge is taking place at the hands of an abuser of children, women, the elderly, or another disenfranchised group, these films give society a chance to take control of the situation, even if only in a virtual way. Salvatore does a wonderful job of providing this release within its own revenge niche. It doesn't break any ground, but these films don't need to.

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