The Urge ★★½

The Urge is a psychological horror film that isolates the feeling of addiction and gives it some horrible consequences.

Gillian MacGregor plays the office worker who is psychologically tormented by her addiction, her urge, to her cigarettes. The entire six minutes of the film show the rising struggle she has to keep her urges under control.

Sometimes, as witnessed in the film, those urges take on a mind of their own and leave some dastardly consequences.

The film is meant to be a metaphor, but six minutes may have been a touch too long or a touch too short. In a 3-5 minute short film, you can condense the rising aggravation to show the absurdity of an addiction and how quickly those urges overtake a person, and in a 12-15 minute short film, you can explore a more gradual rise and a stronger, more terrifying falloff.

It's definitely unique, but as it stands, The Urge leaves me unsatisfied, wanting a little more.