• Salvatore



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Salvatore is a clean revenge short that leaves the viewer satisfied.

    There's not a lot to unwind in most revenge shorts, and this one's no different. This short doesn't force the viewer to imagine the motivations behind the revenge, which can't be said for all revenge shorts. This helps build to the satisfactory conclusion we already dream of going into such a film.

    It starts off a touch on the less sympathetic side. Our revenger appears to be breaking a…

  • Macabre



    Macabre is a constantly flowing, dialog-free short with a very interesting art style and an underrated plot.

    Without diving too much into the plot to avoid spoilers, this dark and heavy, animated short is all about endurance, transformation, and maybe even escape. Even just for the visuals alone, it's worth the twenty minutes it takes from your day.

    The lack of dialog really puts the focus on the actions of the film, and every minor detail stands out because there…

  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou


    Nothing. Something. Anything. Meh.

    I think I understand why so many people are into this film, and I do understand why it's so influential. The thing is, I'm not sure I care about any of that.

    Yeah, surrealism. So it's something. Or it's not something. Or it's anything. Or really, it's nothing. To me, it's meh. It's not bad, and I can't say it was nearly a waste of my time. Coming in at just over a quarter of an…

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    The Babysitter is a fun, over-the-top horror/comedy, which will have very polarizing opinions, depending on the viewer.

    I'm quite sure The Babysitter has some deep flaws. There are certainly some issues with the logic, probably anyway. Maybe the characters are a little one-note. The thing is, I was having way too much fun to care.

    From the comic-book text overlays to the major twists and turns to the child-engineering-prodigy trope to the humor-gore, I really, thoroughly enjoyed this movie.


  • The Backwater Gospel

    The Backwater Gospel


    This short is worth its time, even if just for the animation style alone.

    The Backwater Gospel is a cutting horror-satire pointed at organized religion and the hypocrisy which often lies within. In a town full of 'religious' folk, there's one who isn't. The attempt to exercise that lone individual from their happy, peaceful town leads directly to the consequence the town was hoping to avoid the most.

    The animation is top-notch, there's lots of gore, lots of symbolism, and…

  • Dracula



    Dracula, or Horror of Dracula, is a pretty by-the-numbers Dracula film.

    This one, in particular, focuses on Dr. Van Helsing, giving the titular character very few scenes. Regardless, the acting is effective in most of the main characters, including Dracula himself.

    This film doesn't stretch the lore of Dracula much, rather just producing a solid film within the already-crafted confines, which works well enough. While it's not groundbreaking, it's not bad, either, which is a very good thing.

    Overall, it's…

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    Creature from the Black Lagoon is a fairly straight-forward horror film, but even sixty-five years later, it still works.

    The movie plays on the fear of the unknown creature. Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, there might be some kind of ancient, half-fish-half-man horror that sets out to kill all humans who come into its territory. Maybe it even wants to steal away the women to continue living. That's a scary thought, in and of itself.

    When you add that to…

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Black Christmas is what happens when a director decides to make a slasher but also decides to make a good movie.

    Each character has a purpose. By that, I don't mean simply to drive the plot along. Each character is a person, and they each have their own unique personalities and motivations. Barb isn't just the drunk and morally abrasive stereotype; she's driven by her jealousy and likely by issues from her childhood. Each character feels about as deep as…

  • Spookley the Square Pumpkin

    Spookley the Square Pumpkin


    Spookley is about what you'd expect from a direct-to-video kids movie made on a relatively low budget.

    It's fine. That's about the line I draw. The songs are fine. The story is fine. The animation isn't quite fine. Overall, it's fine.

    The movie, in general, is about not judging people based on their appearances or other shallow reasons. That's a fine moral, and I don't really have any problems with kids' movies having a clearly defined (and stated) moral.


  • Night of the Creeps

    Night of the Creeps


    Night of the Creeps is a fantastic movie to watch in many different situations: with friends, at a sleepover, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day, and so many more.

    It's an easy to watch flick, and it contains the right balance of horror elements, gore, campiness, humor, and absurdity to make each viewing as enjoyable as the last. It's got a touch of body-stealing aliens, a touch of zombies, a touch of traditional serial…

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    The Addiction is one of the more thoughtful films about vampirism available today.

    While the film is incredibly thoughtful, with loads of subtext at every corner, it borders, and sometimes crosses into, pretention. There are times where the narration is attempting to add subtext, but it's so heavy-handed that the film loses sight of the fact it's a horror film. I'd argue it's thought piece first and horror film second, honestly. Maybe that makes it even more frightening.

    Christopher Walken…

  • Rites of Vengeance

    Rites of Vengeance


    Rites of Vengeance is a dialog-free revenge short, and that's mainly what it is.

    This short feels like it would be cathartic to many who may relate too well to the concept of the film. Other than that, I didn't see a lot of depth from the film. There's not a lot of extra themes going on, but I'm not sure it needs more going on. It's five minutes of cathartic revenge directed at an office that has caused many,…