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  • New Jack City

    New Jack City

    Why does nobody dress like this. Where's the rick owens new jack city collab. I want Wesley snipes' earring so fucking bad.

  • Knowing


    Only watched this cause some of it was filmed in Melbourne. Not enough though! I noticed one scene where they're at a rooftop restaurant which was at Crown casino or something, and then one shot at the very end that I think was parliament house?

    Anyway its a bad movie

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  • An Exercise in Discipline: Peel

    An Exercise in Discipline: Peel


    The kid saying pick it up is viscious

  • The Cremator

    The Cremator


    It's an amazing thing when you're reminded there's an infinite amount of ways to move a camera. It's also an amazing thing when you see art about the nazis that is unlike all other art you've seen about the nazis.