Tenet ★★½

Where is Elliot Page when you need her?

My long awaited return to cinemas is finally here; and I can’t think of a better film to comeback with than Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated “Tenet”. Unfortunately, this film is a convoluted mess. So much so, it took away from almost any enjoyment I had with it. 

The Pros: the set pieces, action sequences and cinematography. There is this amazing scene involving Washington’s character and a car in reverse. It’s the first time the protagonist is inverted, and it made for a truly spectacular moment. Other than that, the film consists of nothing but mind numbing exposition with little to no pay off. The glaring issue is the insistent technobabble about the rules of “Inversion”. The explanations of what the hell just happened becomes nauseating. Every single character is an emotionless puppet, who’s only purpose is to vomit out exposition. On top of all that, every line of dialogue that would appear necessary to the plot, (which is almost all of it) comes at the viewer far too fast to comprehend or digest. And why does Nolan have characters talking through masks again? What is it with this guy and dialogue through masks? Subtitles are needed in the worst way! 
Then again, what does it all amount to? Is my film going experience really going to be that massively enhanced by understanding this trite incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo? Sure the stakes in the third act might have resonated more clearly, but that’s about it. Somewhere in the making of this blockbuster, Nolan forgot he’s not the only person who will be watching this. He drifted from what made some of his films so memorable in the first place. I love a puzzling high concept thriller just as much as the next person, but this is a puzzle with no satisfaction at the end.

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