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  • Suspiria



    “this is not art”

  • Alley of Ill Repute

    Alley of Ill Repute


    one of the most radically edited and 'psychological' films, full stop. the formal logic is absolutely singular (decried during its time as an extravagant waste of government funding, so you know it's good). was apparently misplaced on the way to Venice in 1971, never screened, screened once in 1978, and was essentially lost until this year. an infinity of formal reasons to anthologize this one beyond it being the first obviously 'queer' Indian film (!). intelligent, beautiful, devastating and remarkably strange film. catch this one if you can~

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  • Anne of the Indies

    Anne of the Indies


    practically a seminar on the construction and mutability of sexual difference. the chiaroscuro night scenes are some of the most evocative and beautiful cinematography to be seen in tourneur’s nearly aesthetically unparalleled oeuvre. surely among tourneur’s greatest thrillers; perhaps his riskiest, most achingly erotic & even his most terrifying

  • A Woman's Revenge

    A Woman's Revenge


    painterly, chilling, hypnotic, formally precise, thoroughly self-reflexive, sophisticated, conceptually dense, visually ravishing and yet it feels fundamentally quite simple and almost lighthearted (and consistently funny, if dryly so). there is enough subtle commentary on (and subversion of) the maleness of cinematic positionality to fill several feminist film theory textbooks. gomes’ influences (oliveira, dreyer, maybe straub-huillet, silent lubitsch, epic theater, etc.) are explicitly felt but her originality and formidable directorial craft (that blocking! that acting! that camera movement! that tonal control!) are undeniable; a (post-)brechtian narrative classicism for the 21st century!