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  • The Astrologer

    The Astrologer

    The fictional movie inside 'The Astrologer' grosses $144 million in 1976, making it nearly three times as financially successfull as 'Rocky', starring Sylvester Stallone, the number one film of the year ($55,900,000).

    The plot of the film involves an astrologer and carnie getting involved with diamond smuggling in Zimbabwe, only to then escape prison and become a multi-millionaire philanthropist. He also uses his astrology powers to influence the film industry, as well as give advice to the U.S. Navy.


  • La Roue

    La Roue

    The 2019 restoration that restores the film to its 4-part, 7 hour original is now streaming on Mubi Australia with English subtitles.

    I have to say, that this is one of the most excessively long films I have seen. It isn't helped by the simple story that is very much of its time, especially in the treatment of the leading lady. It is revolutionary for the time, especially in the way that scenes are non-linear at times, and memories are…

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