The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

This film is head and shoulders above the well done but generic original.

First: You have more players involved which leads to a higher body count while also giving the writers more room to experiment with kills. There is one especially well-done death in a bathroom. It's not even that graphic or novel but it's still entirely unnerving mostly due to its bleakness and the seemingly accepted inevitableness nature of the outcome.

Second: The setting is a great improvement from the secluded home of the first. The addition of the wooded community gives hope of help and escape but ultimately serves to highlight the sinister nature of the strangers.

I found the climax to be silly in a bad way. It would have been fine in a different movie but sadly cheapened the experience of this one.

The music throughout is well done and the extremely short Title sequence is straight from a carpenter film

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