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This review may contain spoilers.

Halloween is one of the most famous and popular horror films of all time. With 8 sequels (including the one this year) and 2 remakes by rock star turned Filmmaker Rob Zombie, not to mention the other slasher series created in its wake, it is hard to truly say anything new about the film or the series that hasn't been said before. But what I can share are my own personal thoughts and opinions.

Halloween, along with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is considered the forefather of the slasher subgenre. True, there were some predecessors such as Psycho, Peeping Tom and even Universal's Mummy sequels, but Texas Chainsaw and Halloween made the genre more mainstream and more popular.

The film starts with a young boy, Michael, murdering his older sister on Halloween night in 1963, possibly out of revenge or spite for ignoring him in favour of her boyfriend, but the true reasoning is left ambiguous. 15 years later, Michael escapes from the insane asylum where he has stayed since then, and proceeds to stalk and seeks to kill a new group of teens. He wears a (white painted) mask of William Shatner, best known for Star Trek (and appearing as Grand Pear in MLP:FIM; Take that, Kurt Schlichter!)

Laurie Strode, a babysitter looking after 2 kids, notices Michael early on but doesn't know what to do until later. The other narrative thread follows Dr. Loomis, Michael's Psychologist, trying to capture or kill him to prevent Michael from killing anymore innocent people. The film isn't as gory as later films like A Nightmare on elm street 1984 and Friday the 13th 1980, but it is very suspenseful and influential.

All Horror fans should see this film.

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