Memoria ★★★★★

1st Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Last night, I came home from the cinema and I dreamed. I dreamt of a strange state wherein five different versions of the same people encountered the same story and met the same ending, no matter how hard they tried to avoid their fate. I dreamt of a room wherein people were locked in and slowly decayed to a series of skeletons, their gradual atrophy rendered by a striking and disturbing series of step frame transitions. And when I woke this morning, my usual exhaustive languor was strangely different. Normally, my chronic fatigue results in me feeling like my body is filled with mouldy cotton wool, yet today the sensation was different. It was slower, more gentle, more comfortable. I really didn't want to wake up, content to stay in the hazy space between sleep and consciousness. Yet, I had to wake up and face the day, because that's what we all have to do. Joe Weerasethakul is famous for considering people falling asleep in his films as tantamount to a standing ovation. I wonder what he'd think of how it changed my sleep patterns.

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