Wind ★★★★½

1st Marcell Iványi

A disturbing little moment in time, something close to the meeting of Béla Tarr and Shirley Jackson. Taken from a single photo of three women witnessing something out of frame, it's spun into something much more disturbing. It's shot in a single tracking shot that spins around a compound at a languid, relaxed pace, picking up snippets of sound along the way; Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" is briefly heard. But soon, this apparent tranquility is disrupted by the sight of blindfolded people hoisted on scaffolds, a community standing around impassively. What is this event? Where are we? Who are these people? Yet there are no words, so we never become aware of just what the context of the image is. What remains is a quietly disturbing snapshot, rendered horrific by its banality, its sheer normality. A riddle, wrapped up in an enigma, tied with a bow of confusion.

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