What We Do in the Shadows ★★★★★

The funniest movie of 2014 is also the most underappreciated and almost no one knew it happened.

This is one of the most original comedies of the last ten years and probably longer than that. Tropic Thunder is the only other movie that comes to mind.

The film hits every single vampire trope (seems like each one at least) and squeezes the hell out of it, extracting the funniest aspect of each one and giving us every good bit of it. Jemaine Clement is the man primarily responsible for the biggest laughs of the film but each character is endlessly watchable and hilarious in their own right.

I don't really want to talk specifically about any of the jokes or surprises, I just want to command you to see this movie. It's seriously a treat, full of great surprises, it's hilarious and clever and you'll immediately go around fanboying the movie like I am right now.