Avengers: Infinity War

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This review may contain spoilers.

You know that scene where Scarlett which destroys the infinity stone, and then Thanos reverses time to put it back together and then takes it from Vision? That's how my heart feels right now, except without Thanos putting it back together.

Right from the start we feel the helplessness of the situation. The film didn't feel crowded, and the plot moved at a brisk pace. What a spectacle! It was truly an epic film. Thanos is actually a formidable villain! Although the scenes where they tried to give him some depth were a little much. Josh Brolin captured it well.

Thor was by far my favorite character in this one. They really capitalized on the the events of Thor: Ragnarok well, and he had some epic scenes. His vulnerability and helplessness was felt the most deeply.

My only disappointment was that we really didn't get to hear much form Captain America. I was looking forward to hearing more about what the past couple of years had been for him, and I was eager to see how his character changed, but we really got nothing from him. Hopefully, we see more of that dynamic in the sequel.

I loved the film. I loved the ending, as difficult as it was to watch (I'm looking at you Spider-man). The stakes are set for the next one, and I have no idea where it's going. The ten years were worth it.

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