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    yo this movie fuckin slaps. the beginning and ending are weak but the middle bangs hard. really enjoyed this a lot more than i thought i would, good movie :)

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    a gigantic film that displays many aspects of LaMotta's life. many have noted the cinematography and visuals and for good reason. there was just a part of me that wished it held back from going behind LaMotta's eyes as much as it did, especially with Vickie. while yes the film does condemn LaMotta throughout, it also seems to dare you to see through his eyes and observe the world through the male gaze, and it sparks the question of... why?…

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  • Fireworks


    i've been having somewhat of an identity crisis recently. i've been depressed, which is the norm. i am diagnosed with major depression. but things have been different recently. i haven't been enjoying the things i usually enjoy. i haven't watched a movie for a couple days. i've been beaten into the ground by school. i can't stand online school. i wouldn't say i'm suicidal right now. i'm not in danger of hurting or killing myself. but i feel so empty.…