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This review may contain spoilers.

6th time i've watched this film!

i swear to god, the PERFECT fucking Halloween movie.

i feel every time i watch this fucking masterpiece of a film, i notice more things. two things stuck out to me this time:

a.) splicing the two scenes of Sparkle Motion's first performance with Donnie burning down Jim Cunningham's house. the scene is before it is revealed the Cunningham is actually involved with child pornography; the genius of the editing aligning Cunningham with a... "love" for children (i know that's not the right term i just can't think of the right term i'm sorry if someone can tell me the right term i would love that) before it's revealed in the script. he says something along the lines of "and the moment we've all been waiting for..." right before introducing Sparkle Motion, which on rewatches seems so supremely disturbing. splicing it with the footage of Donnie burning his house down is so magnificent because it perfectly foreshadows the horrible truths about to unfold.

b.) i realized i've seen this film so many times and i seem (and most people seem) to really focus on the "what" of this film. this time i tried to focus on the "why," and not to great realizations, at least this time. i was mainly thinking about WHY Donnie wasn't in his house when the engine fell in his room, and the role of Frank in bringing him away from the house to save his life, only to end his world 28 days later. i haven't quite figured it out, but i almost feel as if Frank is a grim reaper of sorts, and his reasoning for giving Donnie time to live only to eventually want to go back in time to die in the exact same situation he was saved from, was to give Donnie purpose in his life, and by extension help him understand his fate of death at such a young age. by sacrificing himself he is saving Gretchen; it gives him a purpose, something he clearly didn't have before he met Gretchen, and arguably something he didn't have until Gretchen died.

Donnie Darko will forever remain one of my favorite films and probably a film I will watch every single Halloween for the rest of my life. it was the film that truly introduced me to cinema and made me interested in the medium not just as entertainment but as art. it's stuck with me and entertained me for years, but i still feel as if i have so much to uncover for it.

i will say, i think a lot of questions about this film can be answered and are answered by the song that plays at the beginning of the film, "The Killing Moon" by Echo & the Bunnymen. and hell, maybe some of the questions that very song poses can be answered by my other favorite song from this film, "Under the Milky Way" by The Church.

also, i wanted to say i have never watched any videos about this movie or anything, so if i repeated any ideas someone else is known for having or coming up with, i'm sorry lol

oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!!

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