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  • Red Rock West

    Red Rock West



    I had such a good time visiting! Red Rock West, with its spin on a Blood Simple plot, unravels itself wonderfully. Bouncing to and fro the town limits with genuine suspense. A lovely score - fit to be an instrumental in some Chris Isaak album lost in time - with classic country tunes playing on the radio (even Dwight Yoakam shows up in a fun little cameo), all drenched in beautiful reds and blues (shame Reshovsky…

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  • Pay the Ghost

    Pay the Ghost


    Nothing's fully thought out, and it has that first draft stank. Sarah Wayne Callies and Nic Cage deliver, but their commitment seems out of place in this bargain bin La Llorona flick.

    Pay the Ghost plays it straight. It's more of a supernatural drama, that heavily relies on the performances, (which, in fairness, do elevate it to a watchable extent), aaand doesn't really offer much of anything else - only some cheapo knock-off Sinister/Poltergeist shenanigans. There's a certain sincere charm…

  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    Just the perfect watch this time of year.
    Knowing what to expect I could soak in that rich atmosphere, and the build-up is magnificent. Wouldn't consider it a coming of age film, rather a 'coming into your own' one. My inkling's that Gretel & Hansel's built for the long run, and a decade from now people will rediscover it as an underappreciated gem. Or, I should hope so.

    To my surprise the sister/sibling aspect got to me a little bit. There's…

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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    I had a hunch I wouldn't really like Train to Busan, but like many times before, my gut lead me astray. It's actually kind of great!

    While I appreciated the initial calm before the storm, once things kicked off my impression was that it's, simply put, less interesting Rec. As the locomotive plot nicely chugged along, though, it did eventually win me over. As far as action-horror goes, I'd wager it's about as enjoyable as Rec 2, maybe even more.…

  • Demons



    Listen here, Sad Saps!
    If you haven't seen Demons, and you're sittin' home alone wallowing in your misery like me, (virtually) grab some friends, or relatives, neighbours, even random strangers on the interwebs, and put this movie on!
    I guarantee it positively will be a blast.
    That's what I should've done... Learn from my mistakes!

    Lamberto Bava's Demons is a party movie if I've ever seen one. Once it gets going, as the blood begins to flow, the fun comes…