28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★½

It's fine. I don't know, I don't have a problem with Garland or Boyle's intentions, but their "this ain't your grandpa's zombie movie" attitude comes across very much in-your-bloody-face.

28 Days Later is well regarded for a reason, it's very well made, and done in a singular style, although, I don't exactly see what the big hoopla was/is still surrounding it. Even in the context of 2002 what's so ground-breaking here? The running "infected" is sorta neat (depends on your personal zombie preference), and the virus/disease angle is refreshingly well thought out, but the rest is pretty much worn on its sleeves. I mean, Jim's story begins with the exact dong shot as The Quiet Earth (and even continues the same) for starters, then there's Romero of course, and yadda-yadda... Like I said, it's perfectly fine. The always great Brendan Gleeson's the beating heart of 28 Days Later, and Cillian Murphy going full-Rambo on their asses is pretty fucking satisfying, but in the end this one's just not for me.

Now that I've seen all the sequels I'm a bit worried I won't much like the original with Bullock either...

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