The Funhouse ★★★★½

The way Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse explores how fast a not so innocent laugh can turn to a bloodcurdling scream is brilliant. This time 'round I especially loved the carnival's seediness lying under a thin coat of paint spelling F U N.

The other great things outside the obvious (A-mazing set design, Rick Baker's fantastic makeup work, both accentuated by the beautiful cinematography etc.) is some of the tiniest of details - when our gang of carnival goers sneak behind the 'Girls Girls Girls' attraction and cut a little hole to spy through there are other taped up peepholes - and all the classic Universal Monsters nods. Also, the idea (slight spoiler) to basically show "Frankenstein's monster's" (possibly) first sexual act is 👌.

When I first watched The Funhouse (~2 years ago) I didn't particularly like it and wrote (in an IMDb Halloween list): "A conventional slasher... with enough personality to be entertaining" - What a bozo!? It's so well cobstructed and there are so many flourishes to set it apart. And on Elizabeth Berridge: "I found her obnoxious screaming incredibly annoying" - ouch, that's way too harsh. She's probably my least favourite of the gang, and she truly does get a little carried away with the whole scream queen thing during the finale, but still, ouch...
As a matter of fact I enjoyed the gang a lot more this time, as well. Especially Largo Woodruff (what a cool name! Kinda sounds like a '70s pornstar, though). They're all jerks, but I didn't want them to die, which is nice.

It seems I'll have to rewatch every horror film I initially felt 'meh' on a couple of years ago. That's not exactly a bad problem to have, though, I guess.

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