The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★

Phew! Been struggling to finish this one for three consecutive nights now. The mixture of that lovely silky Italian and the slooow plot progression must be the perfect lullaby for me, 'cause I just kept on falling asleep, but I digress. First and foremost, films that are more or less going for that "nightmare" schtick are simply hit or miss for me. I prefer them going all out bonkers, rather than sticking with a realistic nightmare mood. The House with Laughing Windows reminded me way too much of my own nightmares/dreams (and not exactly in a good way). A very odd set-up for a simple narrative, full of mundane yet strange social interactions that just get more and more bizarre. Queue weird abrupt ending and... scene or wake-up or whatever.

So at this moment in time I'm honestly a little flabbergasted by all the raving five star reviews. I did love the whole aesthetic of the film and enjoyed all that Wicker Man eerieness, but I just felt disconnected and overall found Legnano's story far more interesting than Stefano's.

I can't wait to return to The House with Laughing Windows in a few years time, though. Just to see what a walnut I had been for not giving myself over to the film and appreciating all the good it delivers.

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