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  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

    All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

    she sees the future & all the beauty & the bloodshed. reminds me of why i don't believe much in fate, i think fate is too nihilistic & I don't like it. there is always a better outcome, another choice, a sweeter tragedy. but life isn't like the movies, reality is singular, forever; tragedies will always happen & once it's happened it's happened, there's no turning back, no better reality than the one we have. when things go wrong we can't make them right,…

  • Lady in the Water

    Lady in the Water


    "I'll miss your faces. Oh, 
    they reminded me of God."

    i saw salò yesterday. never needed a movie this bad, it's like an antidote – i know there's beauty & kindness still left in the world, & i know it's hard to believe a lot of the time, but I don't want to be sad anymore. i want to not feel scared anymore, & maybe that doesn't have to only be in the movies. maybe we could have hope, because hope starts within & reaches…

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  • Ganja & Hess

    Ganja & Hess

    soft cinematography rough quality, it's really beautiful to look at. grainiest shit ever. 16 blown up to 35 then scanned to digital & it holds all the magic of both <3 it's so pretty. never gushed about grain before lol but i can't help it shits too good truly. anyway, sexy dark mysterious as hell. a beautiful vampire movie. love the sound design, the theme that plays when it's about to get freaky never gets old. technically & in all respects of…

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    a beat up print & a projectionists messy projection <3 finally saw the godfather II the way it was intended to be seen: fucked up. still a beautiful tragedy, surprised at how many times i shed tears. i don't remember this being so sad; oh fredo... that entire plotline ruins me. & kay & connie & just about everything else. all abt how in an attempt to be as vast as his father, michael stretches himself so thin not even vito would recognise him…

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  • Void


    all that for a generic white boy?

  • Skinamarink



    "what's your name? what's your name?"

    good children go to heaven / damned children live forever in spaces inescapable with entities inevitable; about falling asleep and dreaming wishing u weren't. about falling asleep in front of the TV while a demon watches over your family & your soul. about nothing. 

    purgatory but it's your childhood home, your moms crying upstairs, the TV keeps repeating one part of a cartoon & it shines so bright, & there's someone in the room - always under…