Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ½

funny that this was immediately branded as a bo burnham solo project as some kind of mark on his genius when it is painfully obvious that nobody told him no for this entire project and based on the special I'd say it's very possible that no one has told him no in a good while. this is honestly just such try hard fucking pick me bullshit, he starts off the special with a "self aware" song about how rich white people should shut up especially in times like these and proceeds to bore us with self indulgent rambling about how hard his life is as a rich white stand up comedian. bo burnham's framing of himself as the alternative and outsider comedian is honestly laughable at this point, the way he tries to portray himself detached from his money, fame and talent so that he can be "relatable" is consistently infuriating. most of the songs go on for so long and say so little that you forget that there was any point to them in the first place, i genuinely think that this special could have been around 40 minutes and I mean it would have been around 20 minutes shorter if he didn't repeat every fucking line 30,000 times. there's so much shit in this project that is just completely unbearable, i'm not sure when it happened or if it has always been the case but bo burnham has clearly lost any sight of his own ego and lost the ability to be self aware in any way that isn't completely and utterly superficial. when he goes on a tirade about people needing to shut the fuck up and then mentions the fact that he isn't shutting up and proceeds to go nowhere with that it really does just make me question why he made this thing. EVERY SINGLE PIECE of self aware humour in this special is just bo burnham pointing out why what he's doing is annoying and dumb and then doing it more and more and more AND FUCKING MORE. the fact that bo burnham got his start from youtube really made me believe that he would at least hit around 45 before completely losing touch with how the internet works but here he is at 29/30 playing out the same tired bits about pumpkin spice lattes and eggplant emojis. honestly I came into this with very mixed feelings about bo burnham but I wanted to like it and I genuinely wanted to see if he had something to say but instead I got 87 minutes of vapid nonsense and a now 30 year old man throwing temper tantrums on camera for his netflix special while in the same breath lazily attempting to attack influencer and internet culture like it's honestly fucking insane. the way that mental health is represented in this is so gross to me, this constant attempt to package real problems that people face into a little relatable package is just one of the reasons that I hated this special. this is one of those special pieces of media that made me so genuinely annoyed that by the end I was just completely apathetic to anything that was being presented, even when the special gets interesting in the last few minutes I was just left completely uninvested with the whole thing. the one compliment that I can give this special is that it's kind of perfect supplementary viewing to promising young woman and gives that garbage fire of a movie a little unintentional something. to be fair it is shot very well.

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