Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★

A generally fine flick, exactly what I assumed I would get, and precisely the type of picture I thought I'd view when the Tencent logo popped up in the intro. Nanjiani's character was a hoot. Thompson was surprisingly charismatic for the run time, Hemsworth did an admirable job. The joints of the film dragged. The premise of what appears to be every single alien being a carbon based oxygen breathing lifeform began to burn my nerve endings to a point where I just couldn't take a thing about it seriously. Not that someone should take anything seriously here. Destined to entertain families on couches when it releases at Red Box. I'll be interested to track it's fiscal outcome and see what type of earning power this brand, Hemsworth, and Thompson will prove to have.

I wouldn't recommend paying for this one.

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