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  • 78/52



    Documentaries dissecting a single film can go a few different ways. Sometimes you get drivel like Room 237 that ends up delving into Ancient Aliens-esque fan theories and wanking that doesn't improve your viewing of the film it is based on. And sometimes you get something like 78/52 that gives new insight and knowledge. The film, through a collection of interviews with directors, actors, and historians, gives a background on what makes 1960's Psycho such a groundbreaking, and at the…

  • Annihilation



    Having read the book, I wasn't sure how Garland would adapt the book and its Lovecraftian-unseen-but-felt horrors and slow loss of sanity. Then I read that he was merely taking the skeleton of the book, some basic concepts, and applying his own flesh to it. And the end result is a fantastic, harrowing, mind-warping, and unique science fiction film that stands on its own right next to the novel. Natalie Portman is great leading a stacked cast. Her drive to…

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  • Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture


    Not as polished or sharp as Girls, but still has that same sense of aimlessness and listfullness a lot of people have at that age. Very good on its own, but also showed the potential Dunham had/has.

  • Out of the Furnace

    Out of the Furnace


    Decent performances but the actors aren't really given all that much to work with. The ideas and themes Cooper is trying to explore are visible, but he barely scratches the surface, leaving the end result slightly above average and ultimately pretty forgettable.