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  • Creep



    Mark Duplass definitely isn't the most versatile actor in the world, but he sure can knock roles like this out of the park. Found-footage is tired and rarely effective, but if you're going to do it, here is a lesson in precisely how-to.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    It's going to sound like I didn't like this film. But I did. I just found it aggravating. Aggravating in that so many characters make ridiculous choices that defy logic and get themselves killed in the process. And the ending feels a little too telegraphed. And nearly all of the performances are merely serviceable because they come from talented [to varying degrees] actors who are obviously on auto-pilot. But visually it impresses the hell out of me. So, go figure.

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  • Timecrimes



    Near perfect. One of the best time-travel films I've seen, in part because of the juxtaposition of its intricate script & the simplicity of its setting. You would never guess that traveling only mere hours back in time would serve for such a compelling narrative, but "Timecrimes" pulls it off with brilliant pacing and a plot woven with intelligent twists, not ones that pander to its audience or insult their intelligence. Karra Elejalde [Hector] delivers a tremendously compelling lead performance[s], and…

  • Circle



    Cube 4: Circle

    I had that joke written before I even started the movie.