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  • Limitless



    Hahahaha oh my god this was awful.

  • Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas

    Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas


    Starts out fine enough, but slowly loses every bit of steam it had possibly gained. He's simply not the same Dave Chappelle you recall enjoying back in college. And, if we're being honest, go back and watch some of that stuff, too. I'll bet it doesn't hold up quite as well as you assume.

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  • Timecrimes



    Near perfect. One of the best time-travel films I've seen, in part because of the juxtaposition of its intricate script & the simplicity of its setting. You would never guess that traveling only mere hours back in time would serve for such a compelling narrative, but "Timecrimes" pulls it off with brilliant pacing and a plot woven with intelligent twists, not ones that pander to its audience or insult their intelligence. Karra Elejalde [Hector] delivers a tremendously compelling lead performance[s], and…

  • Circle



    Cube 4: Circle

    I had that joke written before I even started the movie.