Blue Caprice ★★★½

Superbly acted character study that chooses [for better or worse] to focus on the relationship between the menacing father figure and his young quasi-adoptive accomplice, and what led up to them embarking on their spree of terror that rocked the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area in the summer of 2002, rather than the actual killings themselves. Isaiah Washington is captivating on-screen as he broods his way into the psyche of a teenage boy he lifted out of poverty in the Caribbean, convincing him that what they are doing is just. Some solid supporting performances by Tim Blake Nelson and Joey Lauren Adams, as well as newcomer Tequan Richmond. What it lacks in pacing and substance it mostly gains back with inspired acting and its ominous mood & tone, aided in large part by a perfect score from Colin Stetson [who was made for a project like this].

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