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  • OPAL


    Alright, now this is my last review, so it’s fitting it be for one of my favorite creators of all time.

    I can’t describe to you how much the work of Jack Stauber means to me, along with just how tireless his work ethic seems to be. This is a DARK 12-minute long experimental mixed media musical short film compressed onto VHS and produced by Adult Swim, and if that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. To…

  • Lucky


    One-note, dull, repetitive in a bad way. Feels like Happy Death Day but less inspired, with less ideas, and less engaging situations and characters. The narrative is meandering, the themes are forced, the pace makes everything so tiresome, all the characters are flat as wood. The only thing I really liked about it is the concept, and even then, it turns that into a half baked metaphor for the struggle of women. Not saying that it can’t be done effectively,…

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  • Nobody


    I just found out today that frequent Letterboxd user and the director of this film Eli Hayes has just passed away. I don’t really know what’s true and what isn’t right now, but what I do know is that from the few times I talked to Eli, I found that he was an incredibly generous and compassionate person, to the point where he watched both of my short films I have listed on here. In fact, only two days ago…

  • Anti-Cinema


    I saw this, my very own short film, last night on an IMAX screen with my friends. I don’t really know what more to say honestly. It was wonderful.

    Here’s the link once more: