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  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Swiss Army Man
  • Call Me by Your Name

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  • Tourist;Drifter

  • A Splendid Day For Time Travel

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  • Tourist;Drifter


    Hey y'all, this is a new film by my good pal Thomas. Known them for years now and this is their first feature film!

    It's a documentary surrounding their travels around the world but helmed without any specificity towards time or place, a lot of the time just purely allowing you to soak in the images. It also has a bit more to it than just being a series of images, as it kind of seeks to paint a portrait…

  • A Splendid Day For Time Travel

    A Splendid Day For Time Travel


    There are too many stories to offer with this one, so I'm just going to kinda go down the timeline.

    This film started because I remember sitting in my history class, hearing about the Vietcong and thinking it'd be fun to make a film where a group of Vietcong-esque soldiers were hiding in the woods of my town and I played a character who was going to protect the town. Eventually it just began to spiral from there…

Popular reviews

  • Wishing Apple

    Wishing Apple

    I’m not joking around when I say that I think Jack Stauber is at a level of creativity I don’t think few other human beings can achieve. I honestly don’t even know how he’s physically capable of doing what he does.

    His animations that are literally compressed onto VHS.
    His music has incredibly experimental instrumentation, production, and vocals.
    His animations are comprised of live action, stop motion, 3D computer animation, and traditional animation.
    He has released three albums, one each…

  • Nobody


    I just found out today that frequent Letterboxd user and the director of this film Eli Hayes has just passed away. I don’t really know what’s true and what isn’t right now, but what I do know is that from the few times I talked to Eli, I found that he was an incredibly generous and compassionate person, to the point where he watched both of my short films I have listed on here. In fact, only two days ago…