Love Exposure

Love Exposure

I did it. I sat down and finally watched Love Exposure.

This is...

An astounding four-hour epic that even despite it being probably the longest film I’ve ever watched never felt arduous for an instant.

An emotionally blunt rollercoaster with such brisk, yet methodical pacing that rarely drags even when nothing particularly vital to the film is taking place.

A commentary on the cyclical nature of how religion can make us better people but how it can also turn us into leeches who depend on seeming righteous in the eyes of God.

A ridiculously expansive and explosive exploration of how parents can place expectations upon their children causing them to rebel as a way of coping with their deep seeded confusion and emotional dissatisfaction.

But most importantly, this is a coming-of-age story about how society molds us into who we are today and brews us full of insecurities, fears, anxieties, and flaws that inevitably draw us toward one another. We as humans are all bound to seek for those who are going through what we’re going through, and if they enter our lives at just the right time, we’ll stop at nothing to get close to them.

Love Exposure is a masterful work of art. I’m still not entirely sure what I think of certain things the film does from time to time (it really is a lot to take in), but honestly, I’m cool with that because it just makes me more excited to watch this film all over again. This is a wild, cartoony, melodramatic, gleeful, emotionally blunt, and utterly massive cinematic experience that I’m still trying to fully digest, but even still, I absolutely adored this film from beginning to end. Sono really is that good, huh?

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