The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Bloody brilliant film here. I tend to forgive films that aren’t very thematically substantial if they function more as celebrations of genre, creativity, etc. and while this film may not have a ton on its mind, it ends up being anything I could ever want from a modern day crime film.

It starts out kind of conventional and without much on its agenda but eventually Ritchie’s directorial presence makes a big splash and suddenly things go from zero to a hundred so quickly. Everything from McConaughey’s monologue onward is a brisk, wild, frenetic joyride equipped with a chaotic sense of humor and a steady grip on just how long to draw a scene out in order to make it tense and when to let the action finally explode onto the screen. There’s a legitimate creative energy to this film that isn’t just intent on rehashing scene types and elongating character interactions, and best of all, it never takes itself so seriously to the point where it ruins its gleeful tone.

The Gentlemen is a ridiculously funny, wonderfully written, hilariously acted, and surprisingly exhilarating film that honestly kind of left me a little blown backwards by just how much fun it ended up becoming. If this isn’t even Ritchie’s best film of this kind, then I need to see his earlier work yesterday.

If a sequel is being cooked up, I hope audiences will be vocal enough so Ritchie can take it out of the oven. Loved this film so much.

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